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CICS Tutorial

A Complete Reference for Mainframe Programmer


CICS tutorial will be useful for anyone, be in a student, a software Engineer or anyone who is serious towards mastering the CICS in Mainframe. Also, This CICS tutorial will be helpful to mainframe programmer to increase their level of expertise in CICS.


You mush have prior knowledge on TSO-ISPF, JCL, COBOL and DB2. This will help you to understand CICS better but you don't need to be an expert in TSO-ISPF, JCL, COBOL and DB2. Just a basic understanding is enough.

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After completing this module, you will be able to:

Topics covered in CICS Tutorial:

  1. CICS Introduction
  2. CICS Terminology
  3. CICS Environment
  4. Online VS Batch Programs
  5. CICS Display System
  6. CICS Components
  7. CICS Transaction
  8. List of CICS Transaction
  9. CICS Programs
  10. CICS Program Compile
  11. CICS BMS
  12. BMS Macros
  13. BMS Macro - DFHMSD
  14. BMS Macro - DFHMDI
  15. BMS Macro - DFHMDF
  18. CICS EIB Block
  19. AID And Handle AID
  20. CICS READ Command
  21. CICS WRITE Command
  22. CICS REWRITE Command
  23. CICS DELETE Command
  24. VSAM Browse operation
  25. CICS STARTBR Command
  26. CICS READNEXT Command
  27. CICS READPREV Command
  28. CICS ENDBR Command
  29. CICS RESETBR Command
  30. CICS Program Control Commands
  31. CICS LINK Control Command
  32. CICS XCTL Control Command
  33. CICS CALL Control Command
  34. CICS RETURN Control Command
  35. CICS LOAD Control Command
  36. CICS RELEASE Control Command
  37. CICS Storage Queues
  38. Exception Handling
  39. CICS RESP Option
  40. CICS Handle Condition
  41. CICS Handle Abend
  42. CICS Ignore Condition
  43. CICS Nohandle Option
  44. CICS Abend Command
  45. Exceptional Condition Abend Codes
  46. CICS Interview Questions

    More topics will be added soon...

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