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CICS Exception Handling

     An abnormal situation can arise during the execution of a CICS command. This is known as an “exception condition”. Each CICS command has its own set of possible exception conditions. It is strongly recommended to check possible exception conditions after every CICS command.

Exceptional Condition is generated when a CICS command encounters an unusual situation

  • Task is abnormally terminated

  • An Abend code is displayed that identifies the exceptional condition

CICS provides a number of programming options applicable to each choice mentioned below,

  1. RESP

    CICS sets a primary and sometimes a secondary response code when it completes a command, and provides options for you to inspect them.


    Handle condition is used to transfer the control of the program to a paragraph or a procedure label.


    Ignore condition is used when we want no action to be taken if a particular abend or error happens which is mentioned inside the Ignore Condition.


    If a program abends due to some reasons like input-output error, then it can be handled using Handle Abend CICS command.

  5. ABEND

    Abend command is used to terminate the task intentionally.


    Nohandle can be specified for any CICS command.

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