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Important CICS Interview Questions

  1. TSQ and TDQ – Difference and when will you go for what?

  2. Automatic Task Initiation – What it means?

  3. What are the ways of initiating a transaction in CICS?

  4. What are the ways, data can be passed between transactions?

  5. Task initiation process in CICS

  6. LINK, XCTL and CALL difference and when you prefer what?

  7. Importance of RCT table

  8. What is ASRA ?? How do you solve?

  9. Defination of Pseudo conversation.

  10. Difference between Symbolic and Physical map

  11. What is MDT? Ways of setting and resetting MDT

  12. Ways of positioning the cursor in screen

  13. Few error codes, you faced in CICS development?

  14. How the exceptions are handled in CICS?

  15. How to submit a JCL from a CICS Program?

  16. How do you open a file in CICS?

  17. What are the ways you can release the exclusive access acquired over the control interval during READ-UPDATE?

  18. How many conditions can be coded in one HANDLE/IGNORE condition?

  19. What is two-phase commit?

  20. How would you read the last record of ESDS VSAM file?

  21. What is the limitation of COMMAREA and why this limitation?

  22. How do you get current date and time, user-id in CICS environment?

  23. How to read 10th record of TSQ directly and how to delete the 10th record of the TSQ?

  24. What is MAPFAIL?

  25. What are PUSH and POP and when they are useful?

  26. What are the compiler options with which your COBOL program has to be compiled to use in CICS region?

  27. What is reentrant and quasi-reentrant?

  28. What happens when the program linked/ XCTLed is not found in PPT?

  29. All the COBOL programs with CICS commands need to be registered in PPT though they are called by CALL statement.(Y/N)

  30. Which is the EIB field that determines whether the COMMAREA was sentor not?

  31. PPT and PCT contents

  32. How to read the file using partial key?

  33. When REWRITE issued without READ UPDATE, what will happen?

  34. What is transaction deadlock?

  35. How will you execute the coded CICS-DB2-COBOL Program? Explain from compilation stage.

  36. Why DB2 pre compilation is done before CICS translation? What will happen if I reverse the order?

  37. Which is the parameter of the DFHFCT macro that is used to translate all lower-case characters to upper-case for 3270 terminals?

  38. Which is the AID that will not be identified in the ANYKEY option of the HANDLE AID command?

  39. What facility connects CICS and DB2?

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