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COBOL Introduction

Common Business Oriented Language Introduction:

There was a growing need in the early days to have a high level language that will be best suited for Business Applications. Hence In 1959, a new language COBOL - Common Business Oriented Language emerged.

COBOL is a High Level Structured Language. This is English like language, which is used to develop major business applications. Why most of business applications are developed using Mainframe COBOL?

COBOL was the first programming language whose use was mandated by the Department of Defense (DoD).
  • Cobol is an English like language and hence is easy to learn.

  • Can be used with any database like VSAM or DB2, IDMS.

  • Can handle huge volumes of Data.

  • COBOL applications can be easily maintained.

The following are the versions of COBOL:
    • No longer supported.
    • The original COBOL on MVS systems.
    • Limited focus on structured programming constructs.

  2. VS Cobol II:
    • Very popular version of COBOL.
    • Structured constructs such as scope terminators were introduced (END-IF, and so on).
    • Helped improved readability of programs.

  3. COBOL for z/OS:
    • Also known as COBOL/370 and COBOL for OS/390.
    • Provided more support for Language Environment and Object Oriented features.

  4. Enterprise COBOL:
    • Current version on mainframe systems.
    • There are many version available on this systems.
    • Provide features like to support Web processing and Operating systems.

Video Tutorial: COBOL Introduction

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