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COBOL - Program Format

COBOL programs must be written in the COBOL reference format. The below diagram illustrates the reference format for a COBOL source line.

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The following areas are described below in terms of a 72-character line:

Columns 1 through 6 : Sequence Number Area

The sequence number area may be used to label a source statement line. The content of this area may consist of any character in the character set of the computer.

Column 7 : Indicator Area (comments and continuation)
  • Any sentence, entry, clause, or phrase that requires more than one line can be continued in Area B of the next line which is not a
    • Comment line
    • Blank line

  • Area A of a continuation line must be blank.

  • If no hyphen (-) in indicator Area.

  • Last character of the preceding line is assumed to be followed by a space.

  • If hyphen is in Indicator Area: First non-blank character of this continuation line immediately follows the last non-blank char of continues line.

  • If the continued line contains a non-numeric literal without a closing quotation mark:
    • All spaces at the end of the continued line (through column 72) are part of the litral.
    • Continuation line must contain a hyphen in the indicator area.
    • First non-blank character must be a quotation mark and Literal.
    • Continues with the character following the quotation mark.
Columns 8 through 11 : Area A

The following items must begin in Area A:
  • Division header
  • Section header
  • Paragraph header or paragraph name
  • Level indicator or level-number (01 and 77)
  • End program header.
Area B: Columns 12 through 72:
  • Entries, sentences, statements, clauses
  • Continuation lines.
Program Identification: Columns 73 through 80
  • This area was originally designed for entering the program identification on each individual line of code
  • Once cards were replaced with disk drives, this area fell into disuse.
Mainframe screen : See left side top- COLS(this represent the column number)

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Video Tutorial: COBOL Progam Structure

We will see in detail about each area and it's statements in upcoming chapters.

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