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DB2 - SQL Numeric Functions

Following is the list of commonly used numeric functions:

DECIMALReturns a decimal representation of its argumentDECIMAL(inv_total, 10,3)
DIGITSReturns a character string representation of its argumentDIGITS(inv_total)
FLOATReturns a floating point representationFLOAT(cust_salary)
INTEGERReturns an integer representationINTEGER(cust_salary+.5)
ABS()Returns a number's absolute valueABS(inv_total)
COS()Returns the trigonometric cosine of a specified angleCOS(inv_total)
EXP()Returns the exponential value of a specific numberEXP(inv_total)
PI()Returns the value of PIPI(inv_total)
SIN()Returns the trigonometric sine of a specified angleSIN(inv_total)
SQRT()Returns the square root of a specified numberSQRT(inv_total)
TAN()Returns the trigonometric tangent of a specified angleTAN(inv_total)

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