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IMS-DB Tutorial

A Complete Reference for Mainframe Programmer



There are no prerequisites for this IMS-DB tutorial. However you should have some knowledge on COBOL programming and any database concepts.

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After completing the IMS-DB tutorial,

You will be able explain all the key points in IMS DB. Many interviewers follow or touch these questions to select IMS DB developers

Topics covered in Rexx Tutorial:

  1. IMS-DB Introduction
  2. IMS Terminology
  3. Designing IMS Database
  4. IMS Access Methods
  5. PCB & PSB
  6. DL/I Programming
  7. Segment Search Argument(SSA)
  8. Command Codes
  9. DL/I Function Codes
  10. Random Retrieval(GU CALL)
  11. Sequential Retrieval(GN and GNP CALLs )
  12. IMS Status Code
  13. IMS Database Updates
  14. Insert - ISRT Call
  15. GET HOLD Calls
  16. Delete - DLET Call
  17. Replace - REPL Call
  18. Multiple Positioning
  19. Multiple PCB's
  20. First Path Databases
  21. Main Storage Database
  22. Data Entry Database
  23. Secondary Indexing
  24. Source and Target are Root Segments
  25. Source is Dependent and Target are Root
  26. Source and Target are Dependent of Same Segment Type
  27. Source and Target are Dependent of Different Segment Type
  28. Logical Databases
  29. Unidirectional Logical Relationship
  30. Bidirectional Physically Paired Logical Relationship
  31. Bidirectional Virtually Paired Logical Relationship
  32. Rules for Defining Logical Relationships
  33. Status Codes for Logical Relationships
  34. IMS-DB Status Codes

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