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IMS-DC Tutorial

A Complete Reference for Mainframe Programmer



You should be familiar with COBOL programming and IMS-DB database in order to learn this tutorial.

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After completing the IMS-DC tutorial,

You will be able explain all the key points in IMS DC. Many interviewers follow or touch these questions to select IMS DC developers.

Topics covered in IMS-DC Tutorial:

  1. IMS-DC Introduction
  2. IMS-DC Elements
  3. IMS Online Environment
  4. IMS Message Scheduling
  5. IMS Logging & Automatic Backout
  6. IMS Online Control Region
  7. IMS System Definition
  8. Application Programming Structure
  9. Introduction to Message Format Service
  10. Defining MFS Messages
  11. MFS Control Blocks
  12. IMS MFS Sample Program
  13. Creating an MFS Format
  14. IMS Device(DEV) Statements
  15. IMS Message(MSG) statements
  16. Cursor Positioning
  17. Simple Screen Flows
  18. Logical Pages
  19. IMS Online Coding
  20. Programming in IMS online environment
  21. IMS Online Communication
  22. DLI CALL Format
  23. Message Processing Input
  24. Message Processing Output
  25. Sending Messages Using DL/I
  26. IMS Purge Call
  27. Dynamic Attribute Modification
  28. Message Processing Alternate PCB
  29. IMS Change Call
  30. Conversational Applications
  31. Batch Terminal Simulator
  32. BTS Control Statement
  33. IMS Commands List
  34. Program Examples

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