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IMS Online Coding

When you complete this section, you will have an understanding of what is required in an application program to perform interactive processing in the IMS online environment.

This section on IMS online coding covers the following:

  • Programming in the IMS online environment

  • Online communication:

    • Data Base Processing (DB)

    • Data Communications Processing (DC)

    • Combination Processing (DB/DC)

  • Input/Output Program Communication Block (I/O PCB)

  • DL/I Call Format

  • I/O PCB Mask

  • Message Processing - Input

    • Message text I/O Areas

    • Retrieving messages using DL/I

  • Message Processing - Output

    • Sending messages using DL/I

    • Purge Call

    • Dynamic Attribute Modification

  • Message Processing - Alternate

    • Alternate PCB Mask

    • Change Call

  • Conversational programs

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