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SYSVIEW Commands

SYSVIEW Command List

SYSVIEW CommandDescription
SET SDSFMIGRATE ON Adds a menu option SDSF and it looks and feels like SDSF
set scrollv csr all To set the scroll to CSR postion instead of page
LONGCMD To invoke a panel for a long commands
IPLINFO Has all the ieaysxx parms and the parmlib concat and other ipl related information.
XMVS command It would comeup like command issued in ULOG in SDSF
DSCAT dsname To list and browse or edit the dataset
REVIEW To find all the commands issued
APFSTAT Helps identifying any datasets that are not available in the system but mentioned in APF
XSCON systemname To get to SYSVIEW on another connected system
PARTINFO Displays information about the logical partitions defined in the physical hardware complex

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