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TSO ISRDDN Command List

TSO ISRDDN command lists all the DD's assigned to our logon. it also ha the following uses.

TSO ISRDDN CommandDescription
TSO ISRDDN Lists all the allocated datasets to that session.
The following command can be issues after issuing TSO ISRDDN
M xxxxx Searches all the allocated datsets from the DD list
PARMLIB Shows the system parmlib concatenation for the IPL. We can use M xxx to find a parmlib.
LINKLIST Lists all the datasets of LINKLIST concatenation. We can use M xxx to find a mem.
ENQ enq on the system. ENQ (jobname/userid/STC) to check for contention. RESET to see ENQ with defaults. we can also use CON command it jsut list any ENQUEUS or displays a message NO ENQUUE exsists.
LPA Lists both the datasets in LPA and LINKLIST
DUP List the members that are in multiple datasets across LPA, LINKLIST and otehr DD allocations.
APF Lists all the APF datasets for the current IPL
Clist or O ddname,clist Creates allocate statements dynamically can be used in rexx or so

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