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JES2 - Resources - their shortages and some remedies

We can use the command

To check for the current resource usage details. It gives informoation on the resources like BERT, JOES, JQES

To check the history for all resources for the past couple of hrs. $JD HISTORY(resource name) for specific resource.

General resource shortage resources and to resolve them.

Job queue elements -- this would be the no. of jobs in the jes2 queue. jobs that can be in the JES2 job queue at any given time. This value includes all TSU, STC jobs, and batch jobs

$D jobdef
Look for JOBFREE, JOBNUM and JOBWARN values these are releated to the JOB Queue

$T jobdef
We can update these values.

We can also delete any old jobs in output queue.


Job output elements : JOENUM on the OUTDEF statement

Dispay the definition of the JOES.

To update any values.

We can use the command
Which would also release JOES.

Block Extension reuse tables defined in the checkpoint : BERTNUM on CKPTSPACE

Displays check point info along with defined bertnum.

Use the command to increase the bertnum temporarily.

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