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Endevor - Execute Package

After a package has been approved, you can submit it for execution now or for batch processing. Before executing the package, the product validates the package to make sure you have the authority to perform the package's actions, the execution request is within the execution window, and that no elements have changed since the package was cast.

  1. Start the product using the instructions provided by your site administrator.

    The Primary Options panel appears.

  2. Enter 5 (Package) and press Enter.

    The Package Options menu appears.

  3. Enter 5 (Execute) and press Enter.

    The Execute Package panel appears.

    Note: For more information about a field or option on the panel, press PF1.

  4. Enter the package name, leave the PACKAGE ID field blank to display a Package Selection List, or enter a name mask, and press Enter.

    The Execute/Submit Package panel or the Package Selection List appears.

  5. If the Package Selection List appears, select the package you want to execute and press Enter.

    The Execute/Submit Package panel appears.

  6. On the Execute/Submit Package panel, enter E in the OPTION field.

    The package is executed.

    Note: You can submit the job for batch processing from the Execute/Submit panel, by entering S in the OPTION field.

    Note: For more information about batch submission, see Submit a Package for Batch Processing.

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