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Endevor - Generate Element

To create an executable form of an element (that is, outputs: object modules, load modules, listing, and so forth), use the Generate Elements action (available in foreground, batch, and in packages).

Follow the below steps for generate elements action.

  1. Start the product using the instructions provided by your site administrator.

    The Primary Options panel appears.

  2. Enter 2 (Foreground) and press Enter.

    The Foreground Options menu appears.

  3. Enter 4 (Generate) and press Enter.

    The Generate Elements panel appears.

    Note: For more information about a field or option on the panel, press PF1.

  4. Specify the element for which you want to generate an output, enter the additional information for the action, enter S in the Option field, and press Enter.

  5. (Optional) If the System Selection List, Subsystem Selection List, and Element Selection List appears, enter S to the left of the system, subsystem, and element for which you want to generate an output.

    The output is generated for the element.

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