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Endevor - Move Element

To move an element from one inventory location (environment, stage) to the next location on a map route, you use the Move Elements action.

Follow the below steps to move an element into different stages.

  1. Start the product using the instructions provided by your site administrator.

    The Primary Options panel appears.

    endevor primary option menu

  2. Enter 2 (Foreground) and press Enter.

    The Foreground Options menu appears.

    endevor foreground option menu

  3. Enter 5 (Move) and press Enter.

    The Move Elements panel appears.

    Note: For more information about a field or option on the panel, press PF1.

  4. Specify the element you want to move, and enter a comment to explain the move.

  5. Complete the following fields:


    Enter Y (Yes) or N (No) to indicate whether you want the MOVE action performed when the base level of the element at the source location is different from the current level of the element at the target. When you enter Y, the product creates a "sync" level at the target that reflects the differences between the base level at the source location and the current level at the target. The move fails if these levels are different and you have specified SYNC = N.

    With History

    Enter Y (Yes) or N (No) to indicate whether you want to move the element with history. When you move the element without history, the product searches through the element levels at the source location to find a matching level at the target location. The product then compares the two, and creates a new level at the target location that reflects the differences.

    Signout To

    Enter the TSO userid of the person at the target location for which you want to sign out the element. If the RETAIN SIGNOUT option is set to Y, you cannot use this option.

    Delete from Element

    Enter Y (Yes) or N (No) to indicate whether you want the product to delete the elements at the source location after moving them.

  6. Press Enter.

    The element is moved to the next location on a map route.

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