COBOL Interview Questions

11. What kind of error is trapped by ON SIZE ERROR option?
ON SIZE ERROR option is raised when there is Zero raised to the zero power, Division by 0, Zero raised to a negative number, fixed-point overflow, fixed-point overflow

12. What is the difference between Structured COBOL Programming and Object Oriented COBOL programming?
Structured programming is logical way of programming where the functionalities are divided into modules and helps write the code logically; Object Oriented Cobol language is a Natural way of programming in which you identify the objects, and then write functions and procedures around that object.

Local-Storage is allocated each time the program is called and will be de-allocated when the program stops via an EXIT PROGRAM, GOBACK, or STOP RUN. It is defined in the DATA DIVISION after WORKING-STORAGE SECTION

In the INPUT PROCEDURE, the input file is opened, records are read and edited and then are released to the sorting operation. Finally the file will be closed; In the OUTPUT PROCEDURE, output file is opened, the sorted record is returned to the Output record and then the record will be written. Finally the file will be closed.

15. What is the use of LINKAGE SECTION?
The linkage section is used to pass data from one program to another program or to pass data from a procedure to a program. It is part of a called program that maps to data items in the calling program's working storage.

16. What are the access modes of START statement?
Access modes are SEQUENTIAL or DYNAMIC for the start statement.

17. What is an in-line PERFORM?
An IN-LINE PERFORM Statement allows the routine being performed to be nested within the perform statement itself instead of being a seperate paragraph; The PERFORM and END-PERFORM statements are used to block the cobol statements between them. In line PERFORM work as long as there are no internal GO TOs, not even to an exit.

18. Which division and paragraphs are mandatory for a COBOL program?
Identification division and Program ID are mandatory for a COBOL program.

19. What is the difference between Global and External Variables?
Global variables are accessible only to the batch program whereas external variables can be referenced from any batch program residing in the same system library.

20. What is Pic 9v99 Indicates?
Pic 9v99 is a three position Numeric field with an implied or assumed decimal point after the first position.Here, v means an implied decimal point.

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