JCL Interview Questions

41. Is it possible to submit JCL from COBOL?

42. What you mean by include statement in JCL ?
An include statement identifies a member of a pds or pdse that contains. This set of JCL statements is called an include group. The system replaces the include statement with the statements in the include group.

43. The maximum number of in-stream procedure you can code in any JCL is?

44. What does the typrun=hold do in a JCL statement?
typrun=scan checks the JCL for errors, typrun=hold holds the job until further notice.

45. What is the purpose of include statement in a JCL?
It is used as an alternative for STEPLIB. When we specify the dataset name in include ,it will search in all the datasets specified in the include dataset.

46. For how long a job can be executed continuously in a mainframe ?
248 DAYS

47. What is the Maximum number of DD statements in a job ?

48. What is the maximum number of steps in a job?

49. What are the statements that are not valid to be included in an INCLUDE statement?
Dummy DD statements, data card specifications, PROCs, JOB, PROC statements cannot be coded within an INCLUDE member. An INLCUDE statement can be coded within an INCLUDE member and further nesting can be done up to 15 levels.

50. A JCL has 2 steps. How to code the JCL such that if step1 abends, then step2 runs. Else, job terminates with step1?
Code COND = ONLY in STEP2.

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