VSAM Interview Questions

41. What is IDCAMS? and what is the purpose of it?
IDCAMS is an access method services utility used for creating, deleting,altering VSAM files and copying sequential file to a VSAM file, etc.

42. How to delete a member using JCL.
Using IDCAMS a member can be deleted. DELETE 'XXX.YYY(member)

43. What is the Difference between LDS & ESDS ?
These two datesets are VSAM datasets. ESDS maintains control information.But LDS does not maintains the control information.

44. Is a delete operation possible in an ESDS?
No delete operation is not possible in VSAM ESDS.

45. Is rewrite operation possible in ESDS?
Yes rewrite operation is possible in an ESDS.

46. What is an alternet index and path?
An alternet index is an another way of accessing key sequenced data record stored in a base cluster and path is the linkage which connect alternet index to its base cluster.

47. How many buffers are alloted to VSAM KSDS and ESDS?
Data buffers by default for ESDS.for KSDS it allots 2 data buffers and 1 index buffers. each buffer is about 4k.

48. What's the biggest disadvantage of using a VSAM dataset?

49. What's the device independent method to indicate where a Record is Stored?
By USING RBA(Relative Byte Address).

50. How many times secondary space allocated?

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