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Rexx Tutorial

A Complete Reference for Mainframe Programmer



There are no prerequisites for this Rexx tutorial. But you should have some knowledge of IBM Mainframe with z/OS Commands and Panels.

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After completing the Rexx tutorial, you will be able to:

Topics covered in Rexx Tutorial:

  1. Introduction To Rexx
  2. Basics Of Rexx
  3. Terminal Input And Output
  4. Execution Of Rexx
  5. Rexx Operators
  6. Rexx Conditional Instructions
  7. Rexx Looping Instructions
  8. Rexx Interrupt Instructions
  9. Rexx User Defined Functions
  10. Rexx Build-in Functions
  11. Internal And External Subroutines
  12. Functions Versus Subroutines
  13. Stacks And Queues
  14. TSO/E Commands
  15. Rexx File Operations
  16. Rexx ISPF Tables
  17. Rexx ISPF Panels
  18. Db2 Rexx Connect Concepts
  19. Rexx Macro Tutorial
  20. ISREDIT Macro in Rexx
  21. ISPF/PDS Macro Command List With Description
  22. ISPF/PDS EDIT Macro Command
  23. CANCEL ISPF/PDS EDIT Macro Command
  24. FIND ISPF/PDS EDIT Macro Command
  25. EXCLUDE ISPF/PDS EDIT Macro Command
  26. CHANGE ISPF/PDS EDIT Macro Command
  27. DELETE ISPF/PDS EDIT Macro Command
  29. Rexx ISREDIT Macro Example
  30. Rexx Skeleton Tutorials
  31. Rexx Control Records
  32. Rexx File Tailoring Services
  33. Rexx Debugging Facilities
  34. Rexx Special Variables For Debugging
  35. Invoking Skeletons From Rexx
  36. Rexx Interpret Commands
  37. Rexx Skeleton Examples

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