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ISPF/PDF Edit Macro Commands

Commonly used edit macros commands like Bound, change, Cursor, Edit are described in this sections.

BOUNDS ISPF/PDF Edit Macro Command
ISREDIT (lvar, rvar) = BOUNDS

  • Setting of Left and Right boundaries

  • Assignment of current boundaries in variables

The 'lcol' parameter is the left boundary column value, which will be set. The 'rcol' parameter is the right boundary column value to be set. The 'lvar' and 'rvar' parameters are the names of the variables that will receive the current left and right boundaries respectively.

The BOUNDS macro allows for the setting of the left and right boundaries and saving them in the edit profile. The assignment statement form of the BOUNDS macro provides the current boundaries values in variables.

If both the BOUNDS macro command and the BOUNDS line command are used at the same time, then the BOUNDS line command will override the macro command.

Possible return codes are:

  • 0: The command or statement ended successfully.

  • 4: The specified right boundary is greater than the default, so the default will be used.

  • 12: One or more of the specified boundaries is invalid.

  • 20: A critical error has occurred.

Example 1 - the default boundaries will be set:


Example 2 - set the right boundary to column 72, while leaving the left:

boundary alone by specifying an asterisk("*"):

Example 3 - obtain the current left boundary and put into variable &L:


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