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ISPF/PDS Macro Command List

ISPF/PDF Macro Command Descriptions Index:

ISPF/PDF macros may contain entries that may be a command, an assignment statement or either. The column 'Type' indicates which way a particular macro command may be used; c = command only, a = assignment statement only, or c/a = either.

AUTOLISTc/aset or obtain current autolist mode
AUTONUMc/a set or obtain current autonum mode
AUTOSAVE c/a set or obtain current autosave mode
BLKSIZE a obtain blocksize of current data set
BOUNDS c/a set or obtain left and right boundary columns
BUILTIN c execute a built-in edit command
CANCEL c end an edit session without saving latest changes
CAPS c/a set or obtain current caps mode
CHANGE c search for a string and change it to another string
CHANGE_COUNTS a obtain number of changed strings
COPY c copy a PDS member or data set into current data
CREATE c create a new PDS member from the current data
CTL_LIBRARY a obtain LMF library lock status
CURSOR c/a set or obtain current cursor position
DATA_CHANGED a obtain current status of changed data
DATA_WIDTH a obtain logical data width
DATAID a obtain data ID for current data set
DATASET a obtain current data set name
DEFINE c define a session-only macro command, program or alias
DELETE c delete selected lines from current data set
DISPLAY_COLS a obtain column numbers of displayed data
DISPLAY_LINES a obtain top and bottom line numbers of displayed data
DOWN c scroll down a variable line amount
EDIT c invoke another edit session
END c end the current edit session, saving the data
EXCLUDE c exclude selected lines from the display
EXCLUDE_COUNTS a obtain line counts from last EXCLUDE command
FIND a find a search string in any or selected display lines
FIND_COUNTS a obtain line counts from last FIND command
FLOW_COUNTS a obtain line counts from last TFLOW command
HEX c/a set or obtain hexadecimal display mode
IMACRO c/a set or obtain the initial edit macro
INSERT c create one or more blank lines for new data
LABEL c/a set or obtain a line label
LEFT c scroll display data to the left
LEVEL c/a set or obtain library member modification level
LINE a set or obtain line data values
LINE_AFTER a add a specific-data line after indicated line
LINE_BEFORE a add a specific-data line before indicated line
LINENUM a obtain current line number of a given label
LOCATE c locate a specific data line
LRECL a obtain the logical record length
MACRO c identify a command as a macro
MACRO_LEVEL a obtain current macro nesting level
MASKLINE a set or obtain mask line value
MEMBER a obtain the current member name
MEND c end a batch macro in MVS/370 environment
MODEL c copy a development model into the current data
MOVE c move a library member into the current data
NONUMBER c turn off number mode of the current data
NOTES c/a set or obtain the current note mode
NULLS c/a set or obtain the current nulls mode
NUMBER c/a set or obtain the current number mode
PACK c/a set or obtain the current pack mode
PROCESS c process input line commands and changes
PROFILE c/a define, switch, lock, unlock and display edit profile
RANGE_CMD a identify an entered key command
RCHANGE c repeatedly process the most recent CHANGE request
RECFM a obtain the current data record format
RECOVERY c/a set or obtain the edit recovery mode
RENUM c turn on number mode and renumber all data lines
REPLACE c replace a data set member
RESET c reset the line command area
RFIND c repeat a find of a search string
RIGHT c scroll the data to the right
RMACRO c/a set or obtain current recovery macro name
SAVE c save the current data into a data set
SCAN c/a set or obtain the current scan mode setting
SEEK c seek a data string and place cursor on that line
SEEK_COUNTS a obtain counts from last SEEK command
SHIFT ( c shift all columns to the left
SHIFT ) c shift all columns to the right
SHIFT < c shift program statements to the left
SHIFT > c shift program statements to the right
SORT c sort data into a indicated order
STATS c/a set or obtain PDS member statistics
SUBMIT c submit data to run as a batch job
TABS c/a set or obtain the tabs mode and define tab character
TABSLINE a set or obtain the tabs line
TENTER c set text entry mode for multi-line "power typing"
TFLOW c text flow a paragraph to restructure fragmented pieces
TSPLIT c text split a line, moving some data to the next line
UNNUMBER c remove sequence numbers and set number mode off
UP c scroll up through the data a specified amount
USER_STATE A save and restore the user status of the edit display
VERSION c/a set or obtain the ISPF library member version number
XSTATUS A set or obtain a lines exclude status

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