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Member List Statistics

Member List Statistics Details:

Specifying a valid dataset name in 3.4 options, displays the dataset for viewing if it is a sequential dataset. If the dataset is partitioned, then you get a list of members available in the PDS and the following fields are available in the displayed member list:

Member list statistics

Press "F11" to see more details.

Member list statistics details

  • Command Line: As you are already aware, this is the field that is used to enter any action commands. Valid commands for these panels are discussed separately.

  • Scroll: Value in this field determines the pattern and lines being scrolled in a member list or EDIT/VIEW session. Valid values and their properties are discussed separately.

  • Name: Name of the member(s)

  • Prompt: The Prompt field serves a variety of purposes. You can rename a member by typing the new name to the right of the member name. You can type a slash character (/) in the first position of the Prompt field so you can define additional behaviors for a given action. Also, the Prompt field acts as a status field, showing information about the last action taken for a member. If you run an edit macro or TSO command against a member, then the 7 - character informational status that is returned in the dialog variable ZPROMPT at the completion of the service is shown in this field.

  • VV.MM: Version number and modification level. The version number is set to 1 and the modification level is set to 0 when the member is created. The modification level is the number of times this version has been modified. For example, 02.15 means version 2, modification 15. If a member name is just an alternate name for another member, then ALIAS appears in this field.

  • Created: The Date this version was created. The format used depends on your national format. For example, 90/06/27 means June 27, 1990 to some, but so does 06/27/90 and 27/06/90 mean it for others.

  • Changed: Date and time this version was last modified; date is shown in the national format (For Format see Created Command). Time is shown using a 24-hour format. For example, 17:20 means 5:20 p.m.

  • Size: Current number of lines. The largest number this field can display is 65,535

  • Init: Number of lines when the member was first saved. The largest number this field can display is 65,535.

  • Mod: Number of lines in the current member that have been added or changed. If the data is unnumbered, this number is zero. The largest number this field can display is 65,535.

  • ID: The user ID of the person who created or last updated this version.

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