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MOVE/COPY Utility Panel

MOVE/COPY Utility Panel Overview:

Option 3 from the utilities menu or option 3.3 from the main menu takes us to the Move/Copy utility, the panel for which is shown in Figure below. The commands that can be executed from this panel are clearly available as a list and we will discuss Copy and Move commands here.

Copy dataset or members:

Enter the details of the library/dataset that you want to copy (source data) in this panel. Type a C on the command line and press enter.

This will take you to the panel in figure. Enter the Library/Dataset name in this panel to copy the contents of the dataset to the target dataset. If the target dataset is a PS, the dataset should be allocated before an attempt to copy is made.


dataset copy step 1


dataset copy step 2

Final Step:

dataset copy step 3

Successul Message:

dataset copy successful

PDS Considerations

You can copy all the members of a PDS to a target PDS if the target PDS is already allocated. The target PDS should be of the same RECFM and LRECL for a successful copy. Use the syntax ELT.TEST.PDS (*) to take all the members to the target PDS. If you omit the (*) takes you to a panel with the list of members in the source PDS and you can select the members that need to be copied onto the target PDS.

Move dataset or members:

Similar to Copy 'C', entering the primary command 'M' in the command prompt moves a dataset to the target dataset and deletes the source dataset after the command is executed, where as copy retains it.

dataset move

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