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Scrolling Options

Valid Values for Scrolling Option:

Scroll option present in the top right corner.

pds scroll option

Valid values on the scroll field and their properties are described as follow:


Specifies that the screen will always scroll page by page.


Specifies that the screen will scroll depending on the cursor position. If the cursor is placed on line 17 and DOWN command is issued, then the line 17 will come to the top of the screen. If UP command is issued, the 17th line will go to the bottom of the screen.


Similar to PAGE, but will scroll by one line less, i.e., if lines 21 to 40 are now visible, and you give a DOWN command, the line 40 will come to the top of the screen, and the lines 40 to 59 will be displayed, whereas if the SCROLL value was PAGE, it will display lines 41 to 60.

nnn (A number):

Specifies that the cursor will always scroll by the specified number of lines, irrespective of the cursor position.


Specifies that the screen will always scroll by half a page.

Note 1: When you specify a scrolling command, you can also specify the number of lines by which you want the screen to scroll. If you specify DOWN 30, the screen will scroll down by 30 lines irrespective of the SCROLL field value. If you specify DOWN M or UP M, the screen will scroll to the bottom or top of the list. You can also type a number (or the letter m) and then press the PF keys for UP or DOWN.

Note 2: A SCROLL value of CSR is preferred because it gives greater control over the data. These values are also valid on any SCROLL field anywhere in ISPF. All the above information is useful to get into a member or a sequential dataset for VIEW or EDIT. We shall continue our discussion on the features available to us once we start our VIEW/EDIT session.

Scroll option present in the top right corner inside the pds member and ps file.

pds memeber scroll option

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