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Line Commands

Following Command can be performed on the Datasets listed from 3.4, also upon Members listed in a PDS. This Line Command will be entered to the left of the Dataset name or Member name.

Command Function for PDS or PS:

  • E: Edit Data Set

  • V: View Data Set

  • B: Browse Data Set

  • M: Display Member List

  • D: Delete Data Set

  • R: Rename Data Set

  • I: Data Set Information

  • S: Information (Short)

  • P: Print Data Set

  • C: Catalog Data Set

  • U: Uncatalog Data Set

  • Z: Compress Data Set

  • F: Free Unused Space

  • PX: Print Index Listing

  • RS: Reset

  • MO: Move

  • CO : Copy

  • RA: RefAdd

  • X: Exclude Data Set

  • NX: Unexclude Data Set

  • NXF: Unexclude First Data Set

  • NXL: Unexclude Last Data Set

  • = : Repeat Last Command

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