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View/Edit Options

View/Edit Options in Dataset:

Datasets can be displayed or modified in two ways:

  1. Through ISPF Primary Option Menu Panel, "1" for View and "2" for Edit.

  2. Through Dataset List Utility - 3.4 (Option 4 under Utility Selection Panel) as mentioned in previous section. By entering "b" or "v" or "e" to the left side of Dataset or Member name, Browse, View, Edit Options can be invoked respectively.

Dataset Access Modes:

ISPF allows TSO users to access datasets in three distinct modes under 3.4 Option:

  1. Browse Mode is read only mode that allows the users to go through the contents of the dataset but does not allow the user to make any changes (Option "b").

  2. Edit mode allows the user to modify the dataset and save the changes. Various features that can be used while editing a dataset are discussed further in this material (Option "e")

  3. View mode allows the contents to be modified on a temporary basis, but restricts the changes from being saved. This feature is highly effective when the user wants to have a feel of changing the contents but is not interested in changing the contents. This is also helpful when a user wants to selectively view the contents of the dataset with advanced ISPF features like "EXCLUDE" but does not want to hold an exclusive lock on the dataset. The important consideration here is that View has a feature of saving data after changes but this feature need to be used very judiciously as data integrity is at stake. You need at least Read Access to use the view option (Option "v")

List of members in a PDS can be viewed / edited by using "V" or "B" or "E" before the dataset name.

Step 1: View PDS

Dataset list

Result: View PDS

Type "V" in line command and Press Enter.

PDS view command

New screen will open and list the PDS member.

PDS view

Member Handling:

To allocate a new member or edit the member in a PDS, option "E" can be used before the PDS name and Member name should be enclosed in bracket at the end.

Step 1: Allocate a new Member in PDS

For example, if you want to allocate a member "TEST" in RACFID.TEST.PDS

Type "E" in line command and add member name at the end of PDS within bracket.

Allocate PDS member

Then Press Enter. Below screen will open then press Enter again.

Allocate PDS member

New memeber will be opened in edit mode.

PDS new member

Final Step: Allocate a new Member in PDS

PDS new member

Browse the member:

Step 1: Browse

Browse PDS member input

Result: Browse

Browse PDS member output

Edit the member:

Step 1: Edit Member

Edit PDS member

Result: Edit

Edit PDS member

Edit PDS member

Edit PDS member

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