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VSAM Tutorial

A Complete Reference for Mainframe Programmer


VSAM tutorial will be useful for anyone, be in a student, a software Engineer or anyone who is serious towards mastering the VSAM in Mainframe. Also, This VSAM tutorial will be helpful to mainframe programmer to increase their level of expertise in VSAM.


There are no prerequisites for this VSAM tutorial. If you have prior knowledge on JCL or COBOL, then it will help you to understand VSAM better but you can still learn VSAM easily without any prior understanding of JCL or COBOL.

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After completing the VSAM tutorial, you will be able to:

Topics covered in VSAM Tutorial:

  1. VSAM Introduction
  2. VSAM Components
  3. VSAM Control interval and Control Area
  4. VSAM Catalog
  5. VSAM Access Method Services
  6. VSAM Define Cluster Syntax
  7. VSAM Delete Cluster Syntax
  8. VSAM Entry Sequenced Dataset(ESDS)
  9. VSAM Key Sequenced Dataset(KSDS)
  10. VSAM Relative Record Dataset(RRDS)
  11. VSAM Alter Command
  12. VSAM Repro Command
  13. VSAM Listcat Command
  14. VSAM Examine Command
  15. VSAM Verify Command
  16. VSAM Alternate Index
  17. VSAM File Status

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