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JCL - Positional Parameters

A positional parameter consists of:
  • Characters that appear in uppercase in the syntax and must be coded as shown.

  • Variable information, or

  • A combination.

For example,

  1. DATA on a DD statement.

  2. programmer's-name on a JOB statement.

  3. PGM=program-name on an EXEC statement.

Code positional parameters first in the parameter field in the order shown in the syntax.

If you omit a positional parameter and code a following positional parameter, code a comma to indicate the omitted parameter.

Do not code the replacing comma if:
  • The omitted positional parameter is the last positional parameter.

  • All following positional parameters are also omitted.

  • Only keyword parameters follow.

  • All positional parameters are omitted.

Video Tutorial: JCL Positional Parameters

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