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Executive Interface Block

EIB - Executive Interface Block:

CICS provides system related information to each task in the form of Exec interface block. Since the information is automatically provided by CICS the application program can use it straightaway.

When CICS translator translates your program, it adds DFHEIBLK copybook as the first entry in your linkage section. Whenever a task is initiated, the task related information could be accessed using the fields in the copybook. EIB is acronym for Executive Interface Block.

DFHEIBLK is similar as SQLCA. but Unlike SQLCA, Execute Interface Block (EIB) is loaded automatically by the CICS for every program while compiling.

Some of the most commonly used EIB information are,

EIB FieldPIC ClauseDescription
EIBAID X(1) Value of last Attention identifier key pressed
EIBDATE S9(4) COMP-3 Date when this task is initiated
EIBFN X(2) Function code of the last CICS command in HEX
EIBRCODE X(6) Code of the last function
EIBTASKN S9(7) COMP-3 Task Number of the Current Task
EIBTIME S9(7) COMP-3 Time when the Current Task was started
EIBTRMID X(4) Terminal-ID from where task initiated
EIBTRNID X(4) Transaction-id of Current Task

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