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Status Codes for Logical Relationships

The following status codes that apply specifically to segments involved in logical relationships. These are not all of the status codes that you can receive when processing a logical child segment or a physical or logical parent. If you receive one of these status codes, it means that you are trying to update the database in a way that you are not allowed to. Check with the DBA or person responsible for implementing logical relationships at your installation, to find out what the problem is.


IMS did not delete the segment because the physical delete rule was violated. If the segment is a logical parent, it still has active logical children. If the segment is a logical child, it has not been deleted through its logical path.


You tried to insert either a logical child segment or a concatenated segment. If it was a logical child segment, the corresponding logical or physical parent segment does not exist. If it was a concatenated segment, either the insert rule as physical and the logical or physical parent does not exist, or the insert rule is virtual and the key of the logical or physical parent in the I/O area does not match the concatenated key of the logical or physical parent.


The physical replace rule has been violated. The physical replace rule was specified for the destination parent and an attempt was made to change its data. When a destination parent has the physical replace rule, it can be replaced only through the physical path.

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