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RESTART Option for Mainframe Lpar in SYSPLEX

RESTART Option for Mainframe Lpar in SYSPLEX.

We always think that stopping of a mainframe is like shutting down our PC for a particular lpar and then go to HMC and do a load/activate to start the lpar again.

I have heard of a RESTART option for Lpars and after some testing, I am sharing this post for better insights.

I feel that this restart works for the systems in SYSPLEX.

We need to update DIAGxx parm to have the following parms.

AUTOIPL SADMP(sadmp info) MVS(mvs info)

(sadmp info) is either (device,loadparm) or (NONE)

(mvs info) is (device,loadparm) or (LAST) or (NONE)

SADMP (device,loadparm) -- If MVS™ is about to enter a wait state, SADMP is loaded from this volume with this load parameter.

SADMP (NONE)-- If MVS is about to enter a wait state, SADMP is not loaded.

You can have them as part of your active DIAGxx member or you can activate it before the shutdown issuing the command SET DIAG=xx.

You can issue D DIAG to display the current/active diag parameters.

Once the system is down and a zEOD is issued, issue the command - XCF VARY,lparname,OFFLINE,REIPL

In case of wait state SADMP parm is used for taking a SADUMP and re-ipl the system.

Wait for the system to be IPLed automatically without having to load/activate the system.

Published on May 20, 2019 by - Yugesh Pothuru

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