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Abend-AID Tutorial

Abend-AID is a tool that quickly diagnoses and resolves why applications and systems fail.

Abend-AID automatically collects program and environmental information relevant to the failure, analyzes the information and presents its diagnosis and supporting data in a manner that can be easily understood and quickly navigated by all levels of IS staff.

Abend-AID detects and diagnoses all CE abends and condition codes. Use Abend-AID to increase programmer productivity, application availability and reduce the impact on system resources.

Abend-AID features actual source code information in its diagnostic reports for COBOL, PL/1 and Assembler applications. This feature automatically provides a high level of expertise to all programmers.

Abend-AID reduces problem resolution time and programmer learning curve. New features include a COBOL PERFORM trace, consolidated displays of IMS and DB2 data to speed access to crucial information, and easier access to Abend-AID reports.

We are working with Mainframe Programmer to create complete tutorial for Abend-AID. Hope will update you soon.

If you have any doubts or queries related to this chapter, get them clarified from our Mainframe experts on ibmmainframer Community!

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