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Endevor - Remove User Signout

If an element is currently signed out to your user ID, you can sign in the element, which removes the signout ID associated with the element. In addition, after the element is signed in, you can sign out the element to a different user ID. If your site administrator has set up authorization for you, you can sign in an element that is not signed out to you.

Follow the below steps to remove user signout in endevor.

  1. Start the product using the instructions provided by your site administrator.

    The Primary Options panel appears.

    endevor primary option menu

  2. Enter 2 (Foreground) and press Enter.

    The Foreground Options menu appears.

    endevor foreground option menu

  3. Enter 8 (Signin) and press Enter.

    The Signin Elements panel appears.

    endevor signin elements

    Note: For more information about a field or option on the panel, press PF1.

  4. Specify the element you want to sign in and enter the additional information for the action. Enter SI in the Option field, and press Enter.The following actions are optional:

    Override Signout

    Specifies whether element signin is allowed when the element is not currently signed out to you. Acceptable values are:

    Y – Sign in the element even if it is not currently signed out to you.Your site administrator must set up permission for you to use to specify Y.

    N – Default. Do not allow the SIGNIN action unless the element is already signed out to you.

    Signout To

    Specifies the user ID that the element will be signed out to after it is signed in.

  5. (Optional) If the System Selection List, Subsystem Selection List, and Element Selection List appears, enter S to the left of the system, subsystem, and element you want to signin.

    The element is signed in. If you entered a user ID in the Signout To field, the element is signed out to that user ID.

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