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Changeman Tutorial

What is Changeman?

Changeman is a comprehensive system designed by Serena software, which is used to develop and install various types of source code, and source code changes into the MVS system.

It is a system that manages and automates the process of migrating software changes, or applications, from a development environment to any test environment and to the production environment.

Features of Changeman

  • Changeman provides security for the code

  • Changeman insures a backup of the current source code and can create backups of multiple generations

  • Unique package concept guarantees the coordination of your change

  • Controls version discrepancy and out-of-synch component relationships

  • Maintains listings on-line for immediate access

  • Provides notifications

  • Manage your libraries (Librarian, Panvalet, or PDS, PDS/e)

  • Full suite of on-line and batch query and reporting capabilities

  • Maintain historical information in a single repository

Changeman Primary Option Menu

changeman primary option

How to do with changeman tool?

  1. Allow a developer to capture a copy of the current production code

  2. Permit a developer to edit the code

  3. Provide a developer with different environments in which code can be tested

  4. Allow a developer via the approval process to install the edited code into production

Changeman Package

A changeman package can be called as a vehicle which carries all the changes made by the programmer from the development environment to production environment for installing it in the system.

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